Art and expression

Artistic expression is the imitation of life… no it is not. Artistic expression is the expression of the self, the spirit, the truest concept of vision. Art is unchained and is meant to challenge us, to challenge how we see things, and to help us see things in a different light. 

I’m not saying that art has to be anything, that expression has to be one thing or another, I’m saying that art is the pure self, minus the mask we put on for society. Art has form and shape, it expresses something tangible, even in its most abstract and obscure forms. It speaks to us, sometimes as a yell and sometimes as a whisper, and to each person who sees it, it speaks something a little different. 

When I set out to create something, I have a concept in mind, something I want to express to the world, but what I express might not be what others perceive. I don’t attempt to force my expression through my art, so what someone see’s in it, is as true as what I intended. If someone doesn’t “get it,” my question is, what do they get from it, I genuinely want to know. 

I love hearing some of the interpretations people have had, some are spot on, others wildly different, and gave me a new vision of my own creation. I’ve never been an art snob, I’ve never stared at a red dot on a canvas and created a convoluted story of what the “artist,” was expressing. I’ve also never spoken ill of someone’s interpretation of my work, and in fact, I’ve often applauded it and thanked them for helping me to see it in a new light. 

In all honesty, art helps me to express myself and if someone’s interpretation of it is different, it actually helps me to explore myself further. I don’t hope someone seemingly looks at my art and knows exactly what I was thinking or saying with it, those who think they can do so are often pretentious and sycophantic in regards to the art community. What I hope is that someone looks at what I’ve done, understands it a bit, and adds to the piece via their own interpretation. 

If art is meant to say something, it will, if it is conceptual, it will be a bit vaguer, if it is expressive (especially of the individual artist), it leaves room for interpretation. In this, art is purely a magickal act, it can be and become anything the viewer so witnesses in it… it is pure creation out of nothing!

Art and expression, whether expression of the individual or a concept (abstract or otherwise), is important in the world, it transcends gallery’s, stuffy museums, and curators. Art is the artist, talking to you… trying to say something and sometimes, the artist themselves don’t fully understand what they’re trying to say. If your interpretation differs, that’s great, perhaps you’ll help the artist to understand it and themselves better. 

This is why I love art…

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