Frederick Ambrogio is an artist based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s been an artist throughout most of his life and a painter for the past three years (as of 2021). What makes him unique in the world of art, is that he is legally blind, with 15% vision in his right eye and none in his left. Through over 200 sales of his art, F.A. has staked his claim and put forth his name in the world of art. 

He also has a 70% hearing loss and yet has five albums of music out and a single as “D-Lux” as well. He is a Shodai Soke in Cook’s Kenpo Karate and a 5th dan Master instructor in Karate-Do. F.A. has been professionally published three times in fiction, 5 times in magazines, countless times via the internet, and is self-published 4 times. He is also an alternative therapist and mental health professional.

He continues to defy the odds stacked against him in every way imaginable.